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Lendvious provides access to top lenders that compete against each other to provide you with competitive offers.
Check your loan offers now and get pre-qualified in a matter of minutes!

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One Platform, Many Lending Partners

Instead of filling out multiple applications with your data, use Lendvious to access top quality lenders in a matter of minutes!

Real Time Pre-qualification

All of our lending partners use the latest technology to return pre-qualified offers in a matter of seconds.

Quick Funding

Our lending partners have the ability to fund in as little as one day. Get the funds you need in a hurry!

How It Works

We have already done the heavy lifting and made it quick and easy for you to find the right loan for you!

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    Fill In Your Information

    Take a few moments to complete our loan inquiry form with some basic information. We've standardized this form across all of our lending partners so you need to fill out only one form.

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    View your Rates

    Once you have submitted your information.

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    Choose Your Best Offer

    Choose offers from among the top lenders that have already pre-qualified you based on your information.

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    Get Your Money

    Your information goes with you to the lender of your choice where you can complete the final steps and review loan terms. Funding can occur within one day!

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Check Your Loan Offers

Checking your loan offers won't affect your credit score!

A personal loan through Lendvious can be used for virtually any purpose

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate multiple loans into one loan with a single payment.

Credit Card Refinancing

Pay off high-cost credit card debt with a flat monthly payment.

Home Improvement

Install that new kitchen or bathroom.

Major Purchases

Fund that major purchase


Thinking about funding a small business or startup?


Use the funds to take that dream vacation.

Moving & Relocation

Get quick funds to move you and your family.

Medical Expenses

Pay for medical expenses


Use loan proceeds to pay your tax bill.

$10 Billion+

Loans Processed



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Affect My Credit Score?

Submitting your information for a pre-qualification through Lendvious does not impact your credit score.

How Much Can I Apply For?

Our lending partners offer loans up to $100,000. They will consider your credit score, income and other factors to determine how much to offer you.

What does pre-qualification mean?

Pre-qualification means that the lending partner has reviewed the information you submitted through Lendvious and conditionally approved you for a loan with certain terms. You finish the final loan application directly with one of our lending partners.

How long does it take to get my loan funded?

Our lending partners are among the fastest in the industry. Your loan can fund in as little as one day.

Can I borrow to consolidate my debt?

Yes! You may borrow from one of our lending partners to consolidate your payment into one payment. This can result in a lower interest rate and can help your credit score.

Can I prepay my loan early without penalty?

Typically, our lending partners allow you to prepay your loan without penalty. Please see the product details for each lender for more information.

Check Your Loan Offers Now!

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Check Your Loan Offers

Checking your loan offers won't affect your credit score!