Customized Lendvious® Solution for Partners

Our Lendvious® software is the ideal platform for generating and analyzing loan offers from multiple lenders. FinMkt now allows partners to offer a customized version of the Lendvious® multi-lender solution directly to your merchant networks and customers.

Set up is fast and you can begin offering our consumer acclaimed multi-lender solution today!

Customized Lendvious® software for partners includes:

  • Customized Lendvious® application and offer display web pages

  • Access to offers from more than 10 of the top-rated consumer lenders

  • Real time offer decisioning based on a soft pull

  • Online reporting portal with real-time loan offer status updates

  • Online dashboard with performance analytics

Please complete the form to the right to place your order for your customized Lendvious® solution today!