5 Most Popular Home Improvement Trends of 2018

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Whether it’s merely about space management or about giving your home a facelift, owning a home comes with different and changing needs. Every homeowner, at some point, feels the need to upgrade their home with modern, aesthetic additions. After all, who doesn’t like a home with the latest amenities? If such a project is on your mind, here are some of the most popular home improvement trends of 2018 that you should be aware of:

  1. Kitchen’s where the home isGone are the days when kitchens were hidden in the back of the house. They were merely space for cooking and washing dirty dishes. But not anymore! Today, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. It’s the gathering place for the family. It’s no wonder homeowners want to make this space more versatile and welcoming. Bigger kitchens with open floor plans and larger islands are the current trend. Sparkling quartz or white marble countertops, and convenient sinks with easy access to water are most preferred.
  2. Daring with the colors- Accent walls are the in thing. Homeowners are experimenting with more dramatic and deeper tones, adding more character to their living space. Deep blues and dark grays, even black are some of the favorite colors for accent walls. Since repainting is one of the easiest ways to renovate a home and give it a new look, this is one of the most popular trends of the year.
  3. Smarter homes or smart homeowners? – Often forget to stock up groceries? How about a reminder from your refrigerator? Yes, you read it right! From programmable heating and lighting systems that adjust according to the time of the day to coffee machines that have your coffee brewed and ready when you wake up, and refrigerators that send alerts when groceries are running out, smart home additions are the most desirable and popular trend.  
  4. Going the ‘Green’ way- Eco-renovation is another favorite with homeowners in 2018. Nature-inspired designs and organic décor not only add character to the living space, but they also pave the way for healthier living. The use of reclaimed wood, recycled textile and other materials characterize this type of renovation.
  5. Zero-Energy home designs- Another increasingly popular trend is the addition of renewable energy systems including solar water heating and solar electricity. The addition of solar panels and energy-efficient doors and windows brings a wide variety of benefits, in addition to making homes more environment-friendly.

While these upgrades add great value to your home, they also make your living space much more enjoyable. However, if affordability comes in the way of making these valuable additions to your home, you should consider taking a home improvement loan