Add a Pool, Add Value to Your Home!

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A house with a beautiful pool- you’ve pictured it more than once- the perfect venue for cocktail parties, barbecue lunches and fun time with friends. Nothing equals chilling out on the poolside after a refreshing swim, basking in the sun and relishing your very own backyard retreat! A swimming pool can not only make your home a much more enjoyable place, but it can also considerably boost the value of your home. This is the reason why adding a pool to your home is an excellent idea. But before you decide to build one, make sure your home meets the following criteria:

  1. You live in a warm climate, where you can enjoy the luxury of an outdoor pool.
  2. Most homes in your neighborhood already have a pool, which means that if you don’t have one, the value your property may diminish.
  3. You have enough room to build and pool and still make a place for a garden or play area.

Will it Bring Good Return on Investment?

You need to find out whether it makes financial sense to invest in a pool. Speak to some property appraisers to see if building a pool would bring a good return on investment. Real-estate companies claim that there are always many buyers who look for homes with a pool. This means that adding a pool to your house won’t go in vain. However, what you need to carefully consider is, what kind of pool do you want? You may have to Choose the design and depth of your pool based on your primary requirements and space availability. Moreover, your pool also has to satisfy the safety regulations mandated by the state.  

Cost Considerations

Once you have clarity on the type of pool you want to build, you need to answer the next big question. Can you afford to build a pool right away? This is where most pool projects face a setback. Swimming pools come with a high cost. If you want to build a 600 sq. ft. pool, the cost of installation, filling, and equipment begins at $30,000. Besides this, if you want to add safety fences and work on the landscaping, additional lighting, waterfalls and the like, the approximate cost may be in the range of $60,000- $100,000.

Yes, it’s an expensive affair. But do not fret. Pool addition does not always require you to pay from your pockets. A number of home improvement loans are available today, to help you bear the cost of adding a swimming pool. These loans come with low-interest rates and easy repayment schedules to help you make the most of them.