How to Upgrade Your Single-Family Home

Upgrade your home

Single-family homes are great for privacy and comfort. They also allow for independent and sophisticated living, at an affordable price. This is one of the primary reasons why single-family homes appeal to young couples and first-time home buyers. These homes possess a unique charm and make for a good investment. But just like any other home, single-family homes also need regular upkeep.  So making comfort upgrades for a single-family home is completely worthwhile.

Ideas to Transform Your Single-Family Home & Improve its Value

Step up the amenities

While your home may contain a nice fireplace, the bad news is that fireplaces are slowly becoming obsolete. Consider trading-off the fireplace for something like a porch or a patio. There has been a steady increase in homes with patios and porches and this is a clear indication of homebuyers’ preference.  

Likewise, think about upgrading to a central air-conditioning system if your home doesn’t already have one. Some of the latest central air-conditioning systems come with advanced filters that improve air quality and eliminate dust, pollen, and lint. These systems are more effective in circulating air and offer better temperature control.

Replace old appliances

This is one of the best comfort upgrades for a single-family home. Some of your aged household appliances may work just fine. But what you’re probably missing is that their lack of efficiency could be affecting your energy bill. Appliances typically account for 13% of the energy cost of a household. Most household appliances have made energy-saving leaps in the past years. This means that by replacing old appliances with more efficient models you could save a whole lot of energy and money. So, investing in a new air conditioner, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer is completely worthwhile.

Add a bathroom

Single-family homes tend to have just one bathroom. And sharing a bathroom is not exactly what most people like. This is probably why homes with a single bathroom are on a serious decline. So, one of the much-needed comfort upgrades for a single-family home is perhaps an additional bathroom. Adding a bathroom is sure to give your home an edge over others.

Smarten up the interiors

Your single-family home may not be large. But that doesn’t mean it should be style-deficient. Give your interiors a facelift. Replace old carpets with stylish rugs, or maybe go for a contemporary couch. Repaint the walls, or replace wallpapers. Accent walls and chic light fixtures can also do the trick.

The main challenge with making comfort upgrades for a single-family home, just like any other home improvement project is the cost involved. While you may feel weighed down by the amount of money that’s needed for your project, bear in mind that these upgrades are guaranteed to bring you unmatched benefits in the long run.