Trend-Setting Roofing Ideas to Consider for 2019

Trend setting roofing ideas

It takes the brunt of heavy rains, hail, and snow forms a barrier against forceful winds and keeps you safe from the strong forces of nature-  the roof does all this while also enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. Such is its importance. And that is why your roof needs to be cared for. If roof maintenance/makeover is on your mind, here are the popular trends you should consider:

Chilling-out with cool roofs

If you live in a place that sees sweltering summers, these roofs may work best for you. Using the scientifically proven idea that dark colors absorb sunlight while light colors reflect it, roof manufacturers have designed ‘cool roofing systems’, that use reflective paint, white glue, and a unique concrete mixture to reflect the sun’s heat back into the sky, instead of absorbing and transferring it into the building. These roofs cost just as much as other roofing systems and also contribute to energy savings by minimizing the use of air-conditioning systems thereby reducing the consumption of energy.

Going green with living roofs

This type of roofing is quickly gaining popularity because of the dual purpose that it serves- an eco-friendly living environment, and nutritious meals cooked with fresh produce from your very own roof-top garden. Living roofs also add to your home’s appeal because of the layer of vegetation that can be seen at the top of your property. These roofing systems are made with multiple layers including engineered soil, protective fabric, waterproof membranes, and plants. Besides other benefits, these roofs also provide great protection to your home with their insulating properties, thus saving you a whole lot of energy and money.

Improving durability with Composite/Metal roofing

Although metal roofing was considered unappealing for residential purposes, this notion is changing rapidly. Homeowners are realizing the value of using this material for making long-lasting roofs that can withstand fires and rough weather conditions. Today, metal roofing systems are available in a variety of looks and finishes, such as standing seam and facsimile of shake, shingle, slate or tile.

Similarly, composite roofing is also gaining popularity for its ability to provide the look of wood, but without any maintenance hassles. Composite shingles and shakes imitate wood and provide the same finish, however with better durability and at a much lower cost. These are said to last three times longer than wood and asphalt shakes.

Conserving energy with solar roofing

With growing awareness about the need to conserve energy, many homeowners are converting their homes into zero-energy spaces. Although solar roofing was considered unattractive because of the bulky panels, the new sleek versions created by manufacturers have gained the interest of homeowners. These new solar tiles closely resemble conventional roofing tiles and come in a variety of styles. This roofing system saves energy and dramatically reduces utility bills. Read here the benefits of adding a solar panel.

A good roof adds great value to your home. But the unfortunate fact is that a number of roof maintenance/makeover projects are put off because of the costs involved. The good news, however, is that you can avail of a loan to pay for your roof renovation project. Several lenders provide home improvement loans that can be used to pay for a whole range of home improvement needs.