Top 4 Home Improvement Ideas for 2019

Home improvement ideas

According to a report published by the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) the home improvement products market is likely to see a growth rate of 4.2% for 2019-2022. Although this is slightly lower than the growth seen in 2018, this market continues to outperform many other sectors of the economy. This can be attributed to the fact that homeowners all over the country are constantly looking for ways to improve their living space. So, if you’re a homeowner it’s important that you keep abreast of the current home improvement trends.

Here are the top home improvement ideas to gather inspiration from, for the coming year:

Taking your floors to a new level.

One of the home improvement trends gaining immense popularity is White Flooring. While white floors may be hard to manage given that they get stained easily, the good thing about them is that they give a spacious and open look and feel to any room. This is why homeowners are increasingly opting for white tiles or white wood for their floors.

Bringing nature into your kitchen.

An indoor herb garden is one of the most sought after ideas when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. This is especially suitable if you cook a lot and like to use fresh herbs in your cooking. Herb gardens in the kitchen are not just handy, but also a means to cook and eat fresh and healthy food.

Sprucing up your interiors.

Your furniture and interior décor can make or break your space. The use of blush tones in combination with bold colors, geometric patterns, and innovative applications of natural stones and metal is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. For example, marble dining tables with a modern finish, ornamental pendant lamps, or brass or blackened metal corner pieces in interestingly sculpted designs, can really transform your home and give it a unique charm.

Adding character with the carpet.

The days of dull wall-to-wall carpeting are behind us. Homeowners are no longer hesitant to define the look of their homes with carpets that flaunt bold patterns in vibrant colors. Whether it is the entryway or the living room, carpets add a whole lot of character. While multicolored silk and wool carpets continue to remain popular, textured jute carpets have made an entry, opening up a whole range of possibilities.

Experimental home décor in creative styles, usage of innovatively recycled materials and dynamic patterns are seen emerging. These trends are likely to dominate the home improvement space in the coming year. So, if you’re planning to update your home, consider these top 4 ideas in 2019. To know how home improvement loans can help you glorify your home, check out Lendvious.