Essential Financial Planning Books for 2020

Financial Planning Books

When it comes to financial planning, no amount is too much. In fact, extensive planning is crucial to ensure decent returns, a better livelihood, and a comfortable retirement. While the internet is a great source of information, nothing beats a good old book. Because of their length, books can provide deeper knowledge in financial philosophy to readers. And what better way to learn financial planning than from experts? So if you wish to take money management seriously, don’t miss reading these books packed with key financial knowledge.

5 Must-Read Financial Planning Books

The Total Money Makeover

If you’re one of the many Americans fighting a battle against debts, this book by Dave Ramsey is just what you should read. A treasure trove of ideas, this book recommends the best methods to become debt free. Furthermore, it’s packed with numerous inspirational transformation stories of people who were in deep debt, and how they managed to come over it.  

Your Money or Your Life

If your financial goal is better money management and early retirement, this book by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez is a must read. It provides a nine-step model for readers to take a more holistic approach to money management. With ideas to instill the best financial values in youngsters and shape a great financial future, it can be a life changer.

The One-page Financial Plan

This book demystifies financial planning and focuses on how your financial behavior determines success. The second work from New York Times Columnist Carl Richards, it should be on your to-read list if you wish to simplify financial planning and identify smart ways to save and invest money.

All the Money in the World

Laura Vanderkam delves into a frequently neglected topic in money management–the importance of time. She discusses in detail how to use time and money together in order to create value and how to make the most of every dollar. This book demonstrates how money can, in fact, buy happiness if used wisely. It offers a new approach to finances and forces us to question outdated financial beliefs.

The Millionaire Next Door

If you think being a millionaire means living in giant mansions, wearing designer clothes, and driving luxury cars, don’t miss this book. It’s the first of its kind to discredit such notions about millionaires. The book is based on Thomas Stanley and William D. Danko’s analysis of the spending, saving, and investing habits of millionaires, and the surprising findings showing the simple lives they lead.  

Financial planning is all about finding the most effective ways to manage money, and preparing yourself for a comfortable financial future. These engaging and thought-provoking books can transform the way you handle finances. They provide valuable insights on how to save, invest and manage your hard-earned money by making smart, timely financial choices.