5 Types of Home Improvement- Which One’s For You?

Types of home improvement

Making changes to your home is a lot of work. Whether you want to improve the price value of your home, or merely spruce it up for better comfort, home improvement projects require deliberation. So how do you go about it? For starters, consider what changes your home needs. Here are the popular types of home improvement that not only give your abode a facelift but also add value to your property:

1. Aesthetic Enhancements

This type of home improvement involves adding beauty to the interior or exterior of your home. Painting and wallpapering, installation of flooring, upgrading the kitchen/bathrooms, roof upgrades, landscaping, remodeling the backyard, patio or porch, etc. give your home a fresh look and also add a whole lot of appeal.

2. Repairs & Restorations

Sometimes, your home needs work. It can be intimidating to live in a house that needs repairs or to put it on the market when it needs a fix-up. So, this type of home improvement is about proper upkeep. This involves repairing/replacing the plumbing, roof restoration, or structural repairs to fix damage caused by natural disasters.

3. Energy Efficiency & Smart Home Upgrades

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? This is the type of home improvement you need. Installing solar panels, energy-efficient doors and windows with thermal insulation, and setting up SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology) home technology to automate and monitor home systems can bring unmatched ROI.

4. Con-temporizing

Do you feel your kitchen is old-fashioned? Or that your living room looks like it’s from the dark ages? Then this is the type of home improvement you should opt for. Updating the lighting, fabrics, and furniture,  switching from carpeting to solid surface floors, adding glam to your kitchen with a modern metal finish, or decorating interiors with bold colors and contemporary patterns give your home a completely new look.

Every home needs improvement at some point. However, the kind of improvement it needs will depend on the purpose it’s meant to serve. But remember, whether you hire a contractor or decide to go DIY on your project, all types of home improvement cost time and money. So, before you take the plunge, assess your home improvement needs thoroughly and make sure it’s worthwhile!