Valuable Interior Designing Tips for a Tree House

Interior treehouse ideas

Who hasn’t fancied a cozy tree house as a child? A perfect one for those secret meetings with friends…a much-needed hideaway to escape the antics of annoying siblings! A tree house is perhaps every child’s dream. But today, it’s no longer just children’s fantasy. Live-in tree houses are becoming increasingly common. With people building tree houses to live in, they’re quickly turning to be a fashionable norm. Which is why interior designing for a tree house requires as much planning as the exteriors. When you’re ready to build one, here are some quick tips that can help you do it right:

Think about space usage

Interior designing for a tree house is not only about the look, but also about the use of space. Will it be a music studio or your child’s play den? Will it be used for social gatherings or serve as your office space? Whatever you have in mind, make sure interiors are designed to serve the actual purpose.

Give it a unique style

Want to give your tree house a distinctive character? Do it with style. Rustic or modern, luxurious or minimalistic, monochromatic or colorful, pick a theme for your tree house and let it speak volumes for itself. Working with a fixed style or theme also makes it easier to design the interiors and achieve the desired outcome.

Create seasonal zones

Gone are the days when tree houses meant a central interior space. Today, one of the golden rules of interior designing for a tree house is ‘zoning’. This is done to suit seasonal changes. For example, you may build a nice deck to use in summer. But you also need some cozy corners to snuggle-up in winters. Zoning is a perfect success formula to build a tree house that will stand the test of time.

Choose furniture & appliances carefully

Do not over-furnish your tree house. Heavy furniture and too much clutter can spoil the very essence of a tree house. So pick your furniture to suit its unique purpose and theme. Likewise, choose appliances with care. Evaluate fireplaces, stoves, and refrigerators for safety and install them with utmost care to avoid mishaps. Also make sure these appliances are not too noisy, lest they blemish the pleasant tranquility of your peaceful getaway.

A tree house is not just meant to look spectacular but also feels magical. While interior designing for a tree house offers great scope for creativity, it also calls for a good amount of planning and careful execution. So, when you’re ready to build your tree house, remember these tips to design the perfect interiors.