DIY Home Improvement Trends You Should Know About

Diy home improvement

More often than not, home improvement projects get indefinitely shelved because of their expensive and complex nature. But a great alternative to this is Doing-it-Yourself. DIY home improvement projects are on the rise with homeowners gathering a whole lot of inspiration from digital media platforms such as Pinterest and Youtube which offer a variety of ideas. If you’re planning to go DIY, here are the latest home improvement trends you should know about:

Transforming the living room

It is unbelievable how much accentuating a single wall can dramatize the look of an entire room. This is the reason why one of the most popular DIY projects involves adding wallpaper to a single wall in the living room. You can achieve a similar effect by painting one of the walls in a bright color or bold pattern. Hang pictures or set your furniture against this wall to emphasize it further.  

Spicing-up the kitchen

Most kitchens exhibit a monochromatic theme, giving it a bland and often boring look. If your kitchen is one such, then its time you spruced it up! Instead of buying new cabinets, reface the doors and drawer fronts with dark/bold colors. Give your kitchen an updated look with a tiled backsplash, recycled glass countertops, stylish faucets, and light fixtures to achieve a contemporary finish.

Staircase transformation

Give your staircase a new look by removing the carpeting and giving it a hardwood finish. Although this trend has existed for some time now, the low costs involved in this makeover, and its consistent success have made it a hot favorite among homeowners.

Simple bathroom renovation

The elegance of natural stone is often incomparable. You can now bring that look into your bathroom by adding a granite vanity top which is available at affordable prices. To complete the look, paint the wall and replace the mirror and faucets to give your bathroom a completely new look!

Laundry room makeover

Laundry rooms may be small, but they don’t necessarily have to look like dirty laundry. A quick makeover can come a long way in using the room more efficiently. If you don’t have much horizontal space, go vertical. Maximize the wall space with cabinets for storage. Use shelves with baskets to sort the laundry. Dark colors make a room look smaller. So paint the laundry room in light colors and use light shades for the cabinets to brighten up space. Use bright lights to illuminate the room.

Always remember, home improvement is not just about fixing leaky roofs/pipelines or replacing old furniture with new. It’s much more than that. It involves transforming a mere physical structure into an environment that provides the safety and comfort you deserve. It is about giving your living space a unique style and personality, and also about adding value to your home. So the time and money you invest in it are definitely worthwhile.