5 Best Wedding Destinations to Explore in 2019

Best wedding destinations

Weddings are not just about ballrooms and banquet halls anymore. You want your wedding to be unique and memorable. You want an unmatched experience for guests to remember. And that’s why you should consider getting married in an exotic destination. Someplace where your guests can experience more than just a wedding! However, a destination wedding is sure to cost a fortune. Not every bride and groom could afford it. But what if you were to explore wedding loans? Destination wedding loans are personal loans that help you meet your wedding expenses. With these personal loans, you can not only plan a destination wedding but also pick one of the 5 best wedding destinations of 2019.

Top 5 Wedding Destinations in 2019

1. Kauai

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful Hawaiian Islands, and a hot favorite wedding destination for couples today.  Also known as the ‘garden island’ this place is filled with colorful flowers and lush greenery all year long. With more beaches than all other Hawaiian Islands, Kauai offers the perfect setting for wedding photos. A destination wedding at Kauai is one thing you can’t go wrong with.

2. Morocco

Who wouldn’t like a Moroccan wedding? Imagine the feeling of being in an Arabian Nights story, or riding a camel to your wedding ceremony. This beautiful North African country offers a mystical appeal like no other. Moroccan-inspired designs top the list of wedding trends for 2019. No doubt a wedding in this magical country is an expensive proposition. But wedding loans can help you bridge the gaps in budget and make your Moroccan wedding truly memorable.

3. Santorini

A relatively new wedding destination, Santorini is now a top choice for many weddings. This romantic island in Greece with its beautiful cliffs makes for the ideal setting to say ‘I do’.  If you have a fairly good wedding budget, or if you’re ready to explore personal loans to pay for the wedding, Santorini is just right for you.  

4. Cancun

If a wedding in Mexico is what you’ve been dreaming of, Cancun is your place. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, Cancun has tons of beaches, resorts, and kind locals. It’s the right place to get married, especially if you’re looking for somewhere warm. 

5. Banff

This pristine destination in Canada makes for the best wedding photographs. The Canadian Rockies offer picturesque landscapes and fresh air, making it an ideal location for weddings in summer. Consider wedding finance options like wedding loans or personal loans to plan your dream wedding in Banff.

So, go off the beaten track and make your wedding extra-special. Explore these top wedding destinations, and also consider wedding loans to make your dream wedding a cherished experience!