Wedding Trends in 2019 You Should Know About

wedding trends in 2019

Weddings are always special. Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable. And thanks to Pinterest and other social media, there’s no dearth of inspiration for unique wedding ideas. Couples today want to give their wedding a personalized touch. No doubt the traditional church wedding still retains its charm. But it’s now infused with innovative twists. From the food and color theme to the flowers and fashion, weddings today offer a great deal to stimulate your imagination. They are now characterized by artistic food displays and customized favors. What’s more, wedding finance is becoming an increasingly popular option. So you can now easily afford a personalized wedding without having to hold back on your budget. 

Top 4 Inspiring Wedding Trends for 2019


Couples are now adopting increasingly creative ways to personalize their wedding. Want your big day to be more about yourselves? Then this is the trend for you! From personalized signs to hand-written place cards for guests, you can add a special touch to your big day. But bear in mind that this idea is easier to execute for smaller weddings with minimal guests.

Innovative entertainment

Photo booths are way too common and traditional bands no longer do the trick for guests. So why not think outside the box? Couples are increasingly opting for creative ways to entertain guests at their wedding. For instance, a tarot card reader or a caricature specialist can add a distinct touch. A professional pianist or dancer can bring an extra appeal. No doubt these are more expensive options. But why not opt for wedding finance? A personal loan for the wedding is all you need to make your big day more memorable.

Eco-Friendly ceremonies & receptions

Linen napkins and glass/paper straws are quickly replacing plastic in weddings. Young couples are more conscious about the planet and are resorting to environment-friendly alternatives to mark their special day. Organic menus, re-plantable flowers, and zero-waste décor are some of the features characterizing weddings in 2019.

Live food stations

Creative catering has become an important aspect of weddings in 2019. Couples wish to provide guests with the unique experience of live food stations. You could ditch traditional buffets for tea bars or guacamole bars. Imagine making your own tacos at a wedding, or enjoying a farm-to-fork menu! With interesting food ideas, 2019’s weddings are a treat to both your mouth and to your mind. Interactive food stations may not be exactly pocket-friendly. But with wedding finance options available, it’s not something for you to worry about.

Another popular trend involves choosing unique wedding venues such as wineries, breweries, and distilleries. They provide the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies and receptions. No wonder they’re a favorite choice among young couples. If your choice of venue is restricted by a small budget, you should consider opting for wedding finance. This is about finding the right venue for your big day. So for once, overstepping your budget is completely worth its while!

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