SaveBetter: Keep Track of your Savings in One Place

SaveBetter is a new kind of savings platform that enables consumers to better manage their savings portfolios. Launched at the end of last year by Deposit Solutions, the SaveBetter portal gives customers better access with more choice and convenience to savings products from a variety of FDIC-insured banks. The first of its kind, SaveBetter is essentially an online savings marketplace, offering users their choice of high-yield savings accounts, no-penalty CDs and fixed term CDs. 

Because funds are transferred through a custodian bank, SaveBetter customers can easily open different types of accounts without the hassle of opening separate accounts with each individual bank. This makes it easier for customers to discover, access and manage multiple products from different financial institutions. All with the reassurance that their savings are FDIC insured up to the maximum permitted amount by law at each product bank, $250,000. In addition, SaveBetter does not charge any additional fees to their customers.

SaveBetter can work for anyone who is looking for a new and smart way to grow their savings potential. A simple one-time registration gives you access to multiple products from SaveBetter’s curated network or banks.